[TRANS] 110721 Junsu Twitter Update (via JYJ3)

Junsu, please don’t cry. I know how it hurts but you have to be strong. Cassiopeia will be by your side, the 5 of you, we’ll wait for you.
I love you, Junsuyah.

[TRANS] 110721 Junsu Twitter Update Trans: Goodbye everyone  (T/N: Could also be "hello" instead of "goodbye" because he used annyeong :)) TRANS: Only that sunset with no answer is flaming red… **The photo attached couldn't be view TT ** TRANS: Since it's good to cry whenever you feel like crying…please don't be unreasonable.. A smile will form when your tears dry up.. Look, you're already smiling TRANS: A long shadow hanging down a hill…Because the feeling of a hand held tig … Read More

via JYJ3


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